Spring, summer, winter and fall,
Pink ochre, orange, blue and all,
Still lives in rhapsody of color and light,
Blue butterflies in air and in delight.
Ships sailing into the dark blue sea
Blue as deep as oceans traveled
     by African queen.
Adventures invited by Baudelaire, Homer, Picasso,
Matisse, Miro, Degas, Winslow Homer, also
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart,
All you love in fine art.

In the stretch of green marsh and plain,
Two little girls hand in hand,
Picking buttercups and dandelions,
Walking down the slopping lines.
Smiling, giggling, running, wandering,
With sun shining and pondering.
Is this real
Or am I imagining?

The question was carried by the wind,
As the figures vanishing, vanishing
Into the fog of time.

Dihua Chang