Regarding Still-Life in Spring
Acrylics on canvas, 48 x 60 inches



Spring is the season of reproduction. Ice and snow have melted; water's murmuring down the streams. Flowers, wild and domestic, bloom to greet the brisk morning air. And tadpoles swim busily in ponds and creeks. It is the busy time of the year. "Still-Life in Spring" tries to capture that cool, zestful spirit.

The entire picnic table was transformed into a swamp; and the still-lifes on it are as crowded as the plants behind them. In a goblet near the center-right, two interweaving curves were made to form a symbol for sex. Another sign simulating a pregnant figure was placed in a bottle near the center-left as a symbol of reproduction. These symbols, again, were derived from the oriental concept of "Hsieh-I" to see beyond the superficial appearance of nature, and to unveil its inner meanings and substance.

This, then, completes the sequence from summer to autumn to winter, culminating in a reinvigorating spring.


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